XII EUROPA NOSTRA FORUM on October 18, 2019 2019-09-19

  • Gdynia Maritme University, Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdańsk, University of Gdańsk, Baltic Federal University of I. Kant in Kaliningrad and the Academia Europa Nostra invite to participate in the...

  • Partnership with ESD Conference Committee 2019-09-13 00:00

  • Partnership with ESD Conference Committee Since 2019 Academia Europa Nostra has become a partner of ESD Conference Committee The ESD Conference has become a brand product in an international market of the...

  • The Baltic Tourism Academy 2018-04-05

  • The Baltic Tourism Academy is a new consortium of research and didactic institutions and experts in tourism in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).  Tourism is one of the 13 priorities in the European Union Strategy for...

  • Welcome to Academia Europa Nostra

    Since ancient times scholarly people set up societies which aim was teaching, discovering new truths, exploring the surrounding world, and explaining the unknown. The prototype was a Greek dormitory, or a beautiful grove, in which the philosopher Plato taught youth who gathered around him. Over time, this name was transferred to scientific and popular science institutions.

    About us

    Academia Europa Nostra is an international organization.
    It was registered in Poland as an association by the National Court Register on August 21, 2007.