XI Forum Europa Nostra "The year 1918 in my village, in my city, in my country, in my world." Gdansk / Bedomin 11 - 12 of October 2018.

The year 1918 is a breakthrough date in the Polish, European and world history. At that time a new political order arose on our continent. The history took place not only at the international political level, but also in families, local communities, and various environments. The Forum organizers would like to draw attention to this dimension and to show how this year looked like in a specific village, city, region, country, but also in various social, national and cultural circles; also how some specific individuals acted, how they reacted to the changing situation, or were they aware of the breakthrough of these events. "We do not limit ourselves only to Polish areas, we want to look at the year 1918 in a wider European perspective," emphasizes the chairman of the Scientific Committee - professor Tadeusz Stegner. The Europa Nostra Forum also includes a study trip to the Museum of the National Anthem in Bedomin. More information will be coming soon.

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